Industrial & Domestic Water Technologist

ID Water Technologist has a rich history in the industrial water treatment and bottled water industries. Information given below helps you recognize our past and spot our future planning. Our company has two and half decades of experience in providing high quality water treatment solutions to diversified industrial unit all over Pakistan./Abroad managed by our team of experts headed by Dr. Mohammad Ahsan Siddiqui, a well known water technologist, ID water Technologist understands your high quality water needs in manufacturing and production process.

Water and energy are both essential for life. Water is a necessary and active ingredient used, in reactions, which occur inside the body. Accordingly, this is the only liquid which every living being needs. The 71% of the Earth is covered with water. Also the body of a human adult contains approximately 71% of water.

Industrial & Domestic water Technologist has vowed to provide high quality, second to none, water for domestic and diversified industrial units. It aims at to maintain the chemical reactions to their best performance in the human body to keep it healthy on one hand, and to run the industry with its maximum efficiency and energy saving device on the other hand.

ID Water Technologist has been bringing to the marketplace Meme Water in bottles for domestic use and high quality water treatment solutions for industry.

Dr,Mohammad Ahsan Sidiqui

(Chief Executive of ID-Water Technologist)

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M. A. K. Lodhi

(Chairman of ID-Water Technologist)