About ID

ID Water Technologist has a rich history in the industrial water treatment and bottled water industries. Information given below helps you recognize our past and spot our future planning.

ID WATER TECHNOLOGISTS is Pakistan’s Commercial Environmental laboratory dedicated solely to the testing and research of water. Our objective is to provide accurate, precise and authentic water analysis. A wide range of health related issues are caused by contaminants and impurities present in our water. Microorganisms are the main contributing factor in water-acquired infections, and in their spread.
We believe that reliable analytical results provide consumers a means to systematically review their water, and in accordance take steps to safeguard their health, and the environment.

ID offers state-of-the-art lab facilities, run by trained, qualified personnel, with relevant experience in water related issues. All tests methods are certified, and are in accordance to WHO/ASTM/PSI standards.

At ID we believe strongly in customer support. We strive to become a resource center for water issues in our area. We offer free consultancy and advice in Biological, Physical and Chemical parameters of water.

Quality control is monitored, maintained and is constantly improved by an indigenous program of thoroughly validated work. All our lab workers are involved in continued education and research. All work is supervised and documented.

It is with this whole hearted commitment that we are working for our clients, the community and the environment, it is your confidence and support that drives us forward, and renews our determination to make safe water an achievable goal, not just for the privileged few, but for everyone.

We welcome you to join the movement in making safe drinking water a human rights.